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The ultimate testing solution for simulation of Cards, POS devices, International Cards Schemes for Issuers and Acquirers.

ASTREX is a toolkit designed from the ground up as a comprehensive environment for helping in the design and development of payment networks and payment applications, including EMV, magstripe, stored value and others.  ASTREX supports a wide range of protocol handlers, including Visa BASE I, Mastercard CIS, Mastercard Host-EM, APACS 30/40, BASE24, the first which operates as a Level-2 EMV interface, permits ASTREX to work with physical cards, and to generate transaction data from them.

ASTREX is a comprehensive, end-to-end card payment simulation platform which runs on a standard Windows PC. ASTREX provides you with an holistic view of your payment environment, and helps you to create an exhaustive testing regime which can be implemented easily and rapidly.  The second, generates fully virtual transactions, extracting transaction content from the backend database’s transaction, issuer, PAN, terminal, merchant and other tables.

ASTREX allows you to implement an integrated, repeatable test strategy for your host which includes “on-us”+ “off-us” testing, over single and massively parallel POS and ATM device simulations. ASTREX allows you to implement an integrated, repeatible test strategy for your issuing host which includes cardholder scenarios from both real and virtual cards, as well as any POS or ATM device.

Equally useful to any player in payment industry, from terminal developers through to large issuing host development teams, ASTREX provides you with the features and performance to help you ensure that your products and services are the very best they can be.

Vendors use ASTREX to emulate acquirer and issuer host systems. It enables you to execute continuous pre-certification testing (ADVT, ETEC, JIT) throughout your product lifecycle, radically reducing both your time to market and your certification costs.

  • Speed! ASTREX uses a production-switch architecture which provides you with the speed and performance of a real-time transaction processing system.
  • Flexibility! ASTREX decouples protocols from test cases, allowing you to run the same test cases over multiple interfaces.
  • Up to date! ASTREX is always up to date with the latest network and scheme compliance requirements.
  • Modular! ASTREX supports multiple interfaces simultaneously, allowing you to emulate the most complex acquiring configurations with ease.


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