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SIMplicity™ is a next generation device based ATM simulator which simplifies the development and testing of your ATM transaction flows and content. Based on latest technologies, innovative features, unparalleled ease of use and an intuitive design to ensure your immediate productivity gains and a return on your investment.
SIMplicity™ is a next generation device based ATM simulator

SIMplicity™ is breathtakingly simple in its design and usability. It can be deployed easily by business oriented end-users. SIMplicity™ is highly modular and includes the following plug-in modules which can easily be deployed to meet your evolving business needs:

SIMplicity ATM Simulator Modules

SIMplicity Modules


SIMstress provides a high performance, mature and functionally rich stress test definition and generation capability with associated reporting.


This module is an optional plug-in module for SIMplicity™ and provides support to build EMV compliant transactions using a USB smart card reader and EMV smart cards. SIM EMV provides support for all additional EMV states, EMV CAM tables and full EMV cryptography.


This application is an additional plug-in option for the SIMplicity module and is used for the rapid production and testing of new content for the ATM. Its primary function is the visual creation/ management and editing of ATM configuration and download files.


SIM RKL provides full card scheme compliance support for the generation and deployment of unique Terminal Master Keys and associated keys with full Public Key Infrastructure emulation of the terminal vendor including signing of ATM Host Public keys and dynamic extended key exchanges between the ATM and ATM Host system.


SIM QA enables rapid and thorough regression testing of the Bank’s ATM and CDM Host system by executing lists of test transactions which can be scheduled to run automatically without the need for any direct human resource involvement.

The test results are automatically compared to an expected baseline result and provides an instant indication of success or failure of each test transaction. This drastically reduces human resource requirements, testing cycle times and vastly improves the thoroughness and quality of testing.

Advantages of SIMplicity

  • Improved effectiveness in testing
  • Improved morale in testing department.
  • Time to market (new products).
  • Better understanding of the user experience.
  • Reliable service and better customer relationship.
  • Promotes knowledge transfer by simplifying & exposing inner working of complex ATM/CDM devices & ICC cards.
  • Manual testing is not comprehensive
  • Manual testing is not always accurate
  • Manual testing is not automatically repeatable
  • Expensive in terms of time and cost
  • Manual testing lacks proper reporting
  • Stress testing is not possible
  • Limitations in using physical smart cards
  • Full range of device exceptions & failures
  • Automatic Verification
  •  Record Test Cases and Replay
  •  Automatic Execution of Test Cases
  •  Automatic Documentation
  •  Stress Test at Desired TPS
  •  SIMplicity Virtual Cards


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