Non-financial Cards

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Non-financial Cards

As Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd. provides for the highest quality of the plastic card blanks in the whole industry, the product portfolio covers all the segments of non-financial applications and loyalty systems, including the following:

3-tag cards (mini cards)

A mini card is a plastic card of a smaller size. Thanks to its unusual format and small size they can be successfully used as advertisement items in the capacity of a trinket. Due to encoding and indicating a bar-code they can be used in different business areas: as insurance cards, loyalty cards, petrol cards, etc.

Advertisement cards

An advertisement card is one of the tools to create a certain needed and desired image in the client’s view. We produce cards of plastic bearing interesting advertisement offers, promoting sales, season discounts.

Advertisement cards are becoming an ever more efficient carrier of the information about goods and services offered to a customer, especially if they offer discounts, interesting proposals or other deals which are of use and beneficial for customers and potential clients.

An advertisement card can be attached to a booklet of your company, to a magazine or a brochure, being your effective advertisement and your business card that a client will keep for a long time. Often advertisement cards are mailed to a company’s clients.

Discount cards

A discount card is an inalienable element of marketing system for every company. Such a card gives its holder the right to receive a discount, and not only the opportunity to keep constant clients but also to attract new ones, thus increasing the sales volume to your company.

Discount card application:

Discount cards issued by Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd. will satisfy the needs of all the companies, including:

  • chain stores
  • bars, restaurants
  • megamarkets, pharmacies
  • other commercial companies

Possible elements of a discount card:

  • Printed numeration
  • Laminated bar-code seal
  • A HiCo or LoCo magnetic strip
  • Embossing with or without coloring
  • A scratch-panel
  • A signature strip
  • Perfumed elements
  • Individual packaging

Non-contact cards

A non-contact card is the general name for the non-contact devices with integral schemes used to restrain access or in payment systems. Non-contact cards may imply both old 125 kHz and new 13,56 MHz RFID cards.

Modern non-contact cards have the range of operation ranging from 0 to 15 cm which, in the majority of cases, allows holding the card in the wallet or a purse at read-out. A relatively low card price allows using them at facilities with a large number of workers and visitors such as cinemas, subway or big offices.

Transport and fuel cards

A transport card is meant for automating fare control in public transport on the basis of introducing leading informational technologies and system methodology.

A fuel card is a sophisticated electronic device produced in accordance with the innovative technologies. A microchip, the special electronic component, is placed inside the plastic base. The microchip keeps all the necessary information related to fuellng at a gas station. There is a unique personal user key ciphered in the microchip that is verified with the database when fueling.

Clients and references

Non-financial cards


Card samples

Samples of cards issued by Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd.
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