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Overview of Plastic Card’s Products and Services

Scope of usage of plastic cards is widening every day. Plastics cards are widely used for settlements of non-cash payments, in mobile communications, IP-telephony, access control, personal identification.

Modern technologies allow producing protected plastic cards. Elements of protection are: micro-font, hologram, ultraviolet image and black plastic insertion (scratch-cards).

Plastic Card provides every customer with a full range of services, from development of design to personalization and individual packaging of plastic cards.

Plastic card is a plate with standard dimensions (85.6mm x 53.9mm x 0.76mm) produced from special, mechanic- and thermo-resistant type of plastic. During the process of development of plastic cards, different types of plastic cards have appeared, which differ by their purpose, functional and technical characteristics.

«Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd.» produces plastic cards for various purposes and of different complexity level:

1. International pay cards Visa and MasterCard — full spectrum of cards.

2. GSM-cards (Sim-cards) — such card identifies a mobile connection subscriber. Chip may contain memory size of 16kb / 32kb / 64kb.

3. Prepaid connection packages of Ace&Base type, special promotion packages for mobile communication operators.

4. Scratch-cards — are used for activation of prepaid access to the Internet, IP-telephony and mobile connection. A unique number (pin, login) for service activation is protected by an erasable strip. Can be made both on plastic and cardboard.

5. Charge cards with chip-module — bank cards for performing of non-cash settlements.

6. Cards for NSMEP — Charge cards of National System of Mass Electronic Payments of Ukraine. Currently, there are two types of these cards: electronic purse and check.

7. Bank cards with magnetic strip — debit bank cards, which are used for simplified pay-out of salary to employees of big enterprises.

8. Discount, club and advertisement — this type of cards is widely used in customer loyalty systems.

9. Access cards (key) — are used for different access systems. For example, an access card can act as a room key for a hotel.

10. Subscriber cards, passes, badges — in this case, the card serves for personal identification.

11. Insurance cards — the card works as an insurance policy, which can always be carried by the cardholder.

Print on plastic  cards

Equipment available at «Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd.» allows various types of print on plastic cards, depending on their design and purpose, print resolution being as high as 600dpi.

Types of print on plastic cards:

  • offset — method of printing that transfers the paint from the printing platform under pressure onto an intermediate elastic rubber surface and then to the product surface;
  • dry offset — method of printing performed from relief forms through an intermediate elastic surface;
  • screen — reproduction of text and graphic images with the help of printing form, through which the paint is transferred to the product;
  • thermo-printing — transfer of an image under high temperature. The most demanded type of printing for imprinting variable information (pin, login);
  • laser — an image is reproduced on photosensitive drum with laser beam, resulting in an electrostatic effect and «sticking» of toner (powder) on the drum, followed by transfer of the powder to the product’s surface and fixation of the image.

Personalization of plastic  cards

Depending on the type and purpose of plastic cards, you can choose various types of personalization:

  • encoding of chip-module;
  • recording on magnetic strip (HiCo, LoCo);
  • imprinting of unique numbers (pin, login) covered with scratch-strip by means of thermo-printer or bubble jet;
  • embossing with tipping;
  • imprinting of bar code.


Every plastic card can be packed into individual polypropylene packages by 10 items in perforated tape. Simultaneously cards are stacked by 500 items per box. Such packaging is especially suitable for scratch-cards. Plastic card production period is on average 10-12 business days.

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