How to Select FlexiPole Product

How to Select FlexiPole Product

1. Choose Machine

Select the manufacturer of your payment terminal or PINPad from the drop down menu and then select the model.

Create your ideal mounting solution with Tailwind’s interactive Product Selector.

2. Get the right FlexiPole combination and create your ideal card payment mounting solution

  • 1 – Choose PEDPack

A PEDPack is a tailored back for your PIN Entry Device, designed to be installed onto the back of a payment device.

PED Titles

Once your PEDPack is in place, the back of your payment machine is protected and the PIN Entry Device can be securely mounted onto your FlexiPole.

What if I change my PED?

Just choose the correct PEDPack for your new machine and continue to use your existing FlexiPole system.

What if my PED is not listed or I don’t know my PED?

FlexiGrip works with any card payment machine and is a universal solution for customers whose Chip & PIN device does not have a specific PEDPack or for customers who may wish to change their PIN Entry Device frequently.

If you are planning on placing a large FlexiPole order, contact us and we can create a PEDPack for your machine.

  • 2 – Choose Mount

    FlexiPole mounts allow our bases to be used in all kinds of point of sale locations and include our standard height pole mount, a lower profile pole, a wall mount, a mount specifically designed to interface with pre-installed poles, and a mount designed for use in private hire taxi cabs.

    Our most popular product is the FirstBase Complete which features our latch mechanism base with our standard height pole.

    complete mount

    compact mount

    contour mount

    connect mount

    taxi mount

     3 – Choose Base

    FlexiPole bases come in two varieties:



    FirstBase features a latch mechanism which requires a good amount of force to break but which is easily released by depressing a button on the back.



    SafeBase which features the same latch but also locks the latch in place with a key. This is our most secure base and virtually eliminates any opportunity for theft of your PIN Entry Devices.

down arrow

Your card machine mounting solution

solution imgsolution text

Create your ideal mounting solution with our interactive Product Selector.

3. The right solution for your business needs

Security ›

Making sure your point of sale area is secure for customer’s transaction data to the payment machine itself, is vital to all retailers and becoming a higher priority as criminals zero in on electronic transactions in the real world and security standards increase to keep pace.

Compliance ›

Compliance means ensuring your payment machine is protected from criminal activity which could compromise the financial information of your customers and therefore securing against physical theft of the machine, tampering and substitution. At the same time the machine needs to be fully accessible to customers with different needs.

Customer Experience ›

An ideal point of sale needs to look good: clutter, cables, and unattractive equipment can give a bad impression and feel jarring when payment is being taken. Mounting your PIN Entry Device (PED) can go a long way towards keeping your check out experience as seamless and pleasant as possible for your customer.

Connectivity ›

Your choice of PIN Entry Device (PED) mounting solution can affect your card machine’s connectivity. How do you avoid connectivity problems? By ensuring that the mounting solution you choose is not made from metal. A composite material, like that used in Tailwind products never interferes with connectivity of any type.

Switching Solutions ›

If you’re looking to upgrade your pre-installed mounting solution from one of our competitors and don’t want to start from scratch, or if you already have a FlexiPole solution and you’re upgrading your payment machine, we can help.


Assessing your options for purchasing your PIN Entry Devices (PED’s) it’s important to take into account, not only the purchase price but the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product and your return on investment over the same time period. Mounting your choice of card payment machine has been shown to significantly increase the lifetime of the PIN Entry Device (PED).

Downtime ›

For any Point of Sale, payment technology downtime is expensive. Whether it’s because a tamper protection system has been triggered, cable damage is causing a fault, the unit has been damaged physically or by a spill, or it’s just stopped working, the cost to the business of losing an active point of sale can be high.

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